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Ladies outfits for your corporate party event

Ladies, as always, have a lot of fashion options at their disposal. And choosing what they want to show up in at corporate events may be a difficult decision. But how do you meet the “office or corporate standards” whiles also meeting your own stylish fashion standards for corporate events like parties or dinners?

First impression they say is something that lives in people’s minds forever, that is why it is important to know what exactly you are going to wear for this important day. You need to wear something that will make you comfortable and confident in your first corporate event. 

If you are having problems choosing what outfit to wear, worried that you may have overdressed, or even thinking your dress shows too much skin, we have some tips for you to look just perfect for your first and big day.

Here are some Ladies corporate Outfits for your corporate dinner, parties or any events

Visit Nouva Africa

At Nouva Africa, we are focused on bringing you quality Ready-to-wear corporate outfits which you can wear for your office dinner, parties, or any other corporate events. Our dresses are sewn with care and attention to ensure the best quality finish and longevity. You can check out some of our classy office wear below.

The Rose dress

The Rose dress is made out of 100% cotton in black color. It’s easy on the skin, extremely versatile, and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood

Rose Dress

The name Rose is a popular old English name that means famous type. The name Rose is also originated from the flower Rose also known as Rosa. The Rose woman is a curvy woman, a cherished woman, and a woman with unique taste. The Rose woman is a woman that stands out and she is vibrant. SHOP HERE

The Black Oyewole dress

The Oyewole piece is made out of smoked chiffon. It is very airy, easy on the body, comfortable, and doesn’t react with the skin. It’s flexible and ergonomic.

The name Oyewole is of Nigerian origin  ( Yoruba). It means “wealth has come home”. The Oyewole woman has wisdom, courage, generosity, happiness, cleanliness, and beauty.

The Ugochi dress

The Ugochi piece is made out of smoked chiffon in blush pink. It is very airy, easy on the body, comfortable, and doesn’t react with the skin

The name Ugochi is of Nigerian origin (Yoruba). It means “God’s Honor”. She is honest, fair, has integrity, and is credible.

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