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Nouva Africa is changing the Nigeria Women Fashion Industry with its stylish clothing

Nouva Africa, one of the leading Nigerian women’s fashion clothing stores is setting new standards with its new trends of Ready-to-wear Clothing( Nouva RTW).

Nouva Africa, founded in 2009, and led by Omobolaji C. Ayinde-Sekon in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria. is gradually changing the women’s clothing industry with their stylish women’s clothing and giving ladies the opportunity to look confident in what they wear.

Although Nouva is a Nigeria-based fashion brand, it has established itself as one of the best-selling women dresses shops in Africa & the world. You can now shop a wide range of women’s fashion clothes online at affordable rates.


Because we are focused on designing high-quality Ready-to-wear(RTW) fashion dresses for women, our dresses are sewn with care and attention to ensure the best quality finish and longevity. Our dresses can fit at any other occasion.

Nouva Ready-to-wear (Nouva RTW) women fashion dresses making waves in Nigeria & the world.

The Alake dress

Alake is a popular Yoruba Orike that means “One to be honored”. The Alake woman is an honorable woman that carries grace and a good aura. She is not scared to speak up because she understands who she is, is comfortable in her skin, and is aware that she is a winner.

Alake Dress

This beautiful piece from our Feminist collection is made of Mikado silk in two color variations, Lilac and Plum purple. It is extremely comfortable, portrays grace, and depicts royalty. SHOP HERE

The Serwaaa dress

Serwaa is a female name that originates from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The name Serwaa describes a noble, beautiful, and strong woman. She is clever, creative, and graceful.

This beautiful piece from our Feminist collection is made of 100% cotton in Lemon color. It is comfortable and easy to wear.

The Hannah dress

The name Hannah is a Hebrew origin name that means grace. The Hannah woman is generous, respectful, she is dignified, she is action-oriented, compassionate, and full of energy.

Hannah Dress

The Hannah dress is made of 100% Cotton in black color. It feels smooth on the body, it’s breathable, durable and it’s environmentally friendly. SHOP HERE

The Ugochi dress

The name Ugochi is of Nigerian origin ( Yoruba). It means “God’s Honor”. She is honest, fair, she has integrity and she is credible. 

The Ugochi piece is made of smoked chiffon in blush pink. It is very airy, easy on the body, comfortable, and doesn’t react with the skin.

All of our dresses are made with you in mind at Nouva Africa, which is why we make sure to give you the most stylish ladies’ clothing designs and colors. 

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