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Sounds thrilling to you right? Who wouldn’t love to own an all-purpose dress that can be worn comfortably to any event, be it casual, formal or even dress down.

The Anne dress is definitely that dress that cuts across any event and if you stick around, we will show you just how. 

This cowl neck sleeveless dress with high splits on both sides is a favorite and the prints exclusively designed by Nouva adds all the toppings you need to this dress.

Extremely versatile and comfortable, the Anne dress is that dress that would put an end to your “what do I wear to this occasion?” dilemma at once. Let’s see how you can wear this ultra-feminine piece to different occasions and still kill the look. 


It’s time to go to the movies or a brunch date and you might ask “how does this work for a set up like this?” Although highly elegant and sophisticated, the Anne dress is the perfect pick for a casual look and can be styled with your most preferred casual footwear.


For a formal event such as a black-tie event, the Anne dress would take the stage once again. Styled with elegant hair, makeup, accessories and shoes, it is Ideal for any formal event. Besides how versatile this piece is, we wouldn’t leave out its most prominent feature, the comfort it gives.

Made with the most advanced silk and tailored to perfection, wearing this dress would almost feel like a bath in a jacuzzi. The fabric feels extremely soft on the skin, and you get the comfort to freely move, dance or twirl in this extremely fashionable piece.  

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