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Olúwayémísí Agbádá

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The Olúwayémísí Agbádá ensemble is meticulously crafted from smoked chiffon, providing an ethereal elegance, while the magenta Aso-Òkè fabric showcases the traditional artistry of young ladies in Ìsààlé Èkó who embrace and celebrate our rich cultural fashion.

Olúwayémísí Agbádá: a woman of honor, adorned with the favor of God, "Olú Orùn." She shines as brightly as the sun, a radiant light and a golden star, embodying the life force manifested through all living things.

Held in high regard by her people, Olúwayémísí exemplifies fairness in every aspect of her being. Her credibility and integrity are evident in her lifestyle, her cultural heritage, and her fashion choices. She epitomizes the essence of an Omo Èkó, a true daughter of Lagos, and embraces the fusion of tradition and contemporary style.
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