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Bólátitó Agbádá

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The Bólátitó Collection captures the essence of Lagosian joy and celebrates the rich and fashionable culture of the city. It is a vibrant showcase of traditional garments adorned with elegant simplicity, reflecting the purity and distinctive style of the Bólátitó Woman

Each piece in this collection exudes a contagious sense of happiness, radiating love and light to all who wear it. With its carefully curated designs, the collection embodies the spirit of Lagos, embracing the culture, values, and attributes that make it a cherished and vibrant part of the city's identity.

Bólátitó Agbádá represents the essence of the Omo Èkó, fully immersed in the spirit of Lagos and radiating a contagious sense of happiness. The name Bólátitó, meaning "how joy sanctifies me," perfectly captures her fashionable, caring, and joyful nature, as she spreads love and light to those around her.
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